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7th chapter-17-Forest –Our Life Line Solved NCERT Questions

1.Fill in the blanks:

a. Decomposers convert dead plants and animals into ______.
b.Tall trees which look like roof over other plants in the forest is called_________.
c.The various components of the forests are ___________ on another.
d. Forests are the -------------- for the forest dwelling communities.
e.------------------------- help forest to grow and regenerate.
f.----------------------- forms the uppermost layer in the forest.
2. State whether True  or  False:
a.The different horizontal layers in the forest are known as under storey’s.
b.Forest help in causing floods.
c.Forest are called green lungs.
d.The type of animals remains same from forest to forest.
e.Deforestation will endanger our life and environment.
f.Forest is a dynamic living entity.
3.Name the following:
a.The branchy part of a tree above the stem.
b.Two forest products.
Latex and fibre
c.The lowest layer of vegetation in a forest.

4.Define:  (i) Forest.    (ii) Deforestation.(iii) Canopy.(iv) Crown
(i)A large area covered with plants and animals is called forest
(ii) Cutting down of trees is called deforestation
(iii) The upper most layer of branches of tree which serve as dense roof of tree over the ground is called canopy.
(iv)The layer where trees branch off from tree trunk is called crown.

5.Answer these question
1. Question:  Explain how animals dwelling in the forest help it grow and regenerate.
Ans:  We can see a bunch of seedlings growing in a decaying heap on animal droppings. These seedlings are generally herbs and shrubs which feed, develop and grow on heap of animal dropping especially in rainy seasons. Moreover animals also help in seed-dispersal of certain plants and help the forest to grow and regenerate. The decaying animal dung also provides nutrients to the seedlings to grow. Microorganisms such as, decomposers also help in maintaining the supply of nutrients to the growing plants in the forest.

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