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Chapter 6 : Life Process
1. What are the raw materials for photosynthesis? (1 mark)
2. Give the energy transformation that takes place in the process of photosynthesis. (1 mark)
3. Write the equation of photosynthesis. (1 mark)
4. What is the respiratory organ of earthworm? (1 mark)
5. Give the function of xylem. (1 mark)
6. Write any two functions of large intestine to man. (2 marks)
7. How are lungs designed in human beings to maximize the area for exchange of gases (2 marks)
8. Draw the human heart and label its parts. (2 marks)
9. Why is diffusion insufficient to meet the oxygen requirements of multicellular organisms like
human? (2 marks)
10. What is the role of the acid in our stomach? (2 marks)
11. Draw a diagram & describe the process by which excretion occurs in amoeba. (3 marks)
12. How does blood circulate between lungs and heart in human beings? Give two functions of
lymph in human body. (3 marks)
13. How do each of the following factors affect the productivity in the process of photosynthesis?
(i) Temperature (3 marks)
(ii) Water
(iii) Carbon dioxide.
14. Write necessary conditions for autotrophic nutrition and its by-products? (3 marks)
15. How are fats digested in our body? Where does this process take place? (3 marks)
16. (i) Draw a labelled diagram of the respiratory system of human beings with diaphragm
at the end of expiration. (5 marks)
(ii) List four conditions required for efficient gas exchange in an organism

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